Fear and looting in the periphery: Approaching global crime and harm in (and from) the south(s)

This working group on ‘Southern’ perspectives aims to enrich the analyses on and from the ‘Souths’, but also promote communication and discussions with other working groups within the European Group.

The objectives of the working group are to :

.- encourage and debate the development of critical ‘Southern’ perspectives on state-corporate crime and social harm, with the proper vocation of commitment and transformation that characterises the EG.

.- support radical struggles against colonialism, imperialism and subjugation, and contribute to a radical emancipatory discourse that confronts any academic tolerance and/or complicity with any form of depoliticising aggression and injustice.

.- develop a theoretical-political agenda based on a solidarity network against state-corporate criminal policies and punitive control strategies, radically challenging the discourses, practices and means of legitimation of global predator policies.

Working Group Coordinators:


Dear EG comrades:

From the ‘Fear and Looting in the Peripheries’ Working Group, we want to express our gratitude and satisfaction with the EG annual meeting held in Torino last week.

Our purpose is now to take advantage of the good energy stored in Torino and channel it into new initiatives in view of Turku 2023. As an EG working group, we aim to lay the groundwork for an agenda made of regular meetings and activities, not limited to those directly connected to the organisation of the EG annual conferences.

Any person or group willing to get in touch and/or contribute, especially – but not only – from the Mediterranean countries, can reach us at an email specifically created for this: fearandlootingeg@gmail.com

We are at our very early stages, so any contribution will be more than welcomed.

We are waiting for you.

In solidarity