Primodos: Financial redress is long overdue

Following the publication of the First Do No Harm  report (also known as the Cumberlege Review), Baroness  Julia Cumberlege CBE, a life peer who chaired the Independent Medicines and Medical Devices Safety Review, stated “The first duty of any health system is to do no harm to those in its care; but I…

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‘Criminalization of Activism: Historical, Present and Future Perspectives’ by Valeria Vegh Weis (forthcoming December 2021)

‘Criminalization of Activism: Historical, Present and Future Perspectives’ edited by Valeria Vegh Weis, forthcoming December 2021, includes contributions from activists and scholars from various disciplinary backgrounds. A range of case studies and perspectives from the Global South and the Global North are drawn on to evidence how protest is impacted…

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Critical Criminology Today: Counter-Hegemonic Essays (2021) by Professor Vincenzo Ruggiero

In his book Critical Criminology Today, Professor Vincenzo Ruggiero considers the current character of critical criminology fifty years on from the radical theories and values applied to crime and its control which initiated and developed critical criminology in the 1970s. Through a series of counter-hegemonic essays, this book explores: ‘For a sociology of power’, ‘For a sociology of counter-power’, ‘Woman as colony’, ‘Political violence and behavioural economics’, ‘State-corporate terrorism’, ‘Pandemics, desire and melancholy’, ‘Hypotheses on the causes…

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Against the shock doctrine

The outcomes of this ‘global crisis’ threaten to exceed the criminal effects of 2008 financial crash, but they also could enable us to stop the ongoing global cycle of looting and structural violence. Fighting the implementation of exception and anti-social measures is the first step in order to prevent a new criminal period of financial restructuring and power concentration.

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Covid-19 Pandemic

Joint Statewatch and European group for the Study of Deviance and Social Control information-gathering exercise We would like to gather information on decisions taken by governments in response to the covid-19 pandemic with implications for civil liberties. We aim to publish this information online as a public resource. Your assistance…

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