Annual Conferences

The annual conference is a meeting place for academics, practitioners and activists who share critical perspectives on crime, deviance and criminal justice and other social control institutions. Our first conference was held in 1973.

Below you will find listed the previous – and upcoming – EG conferences.

For further information about previous conferences – or queries about future ones – please contact the coordinator.

2024Vilnius, Lithuania“Technologies of Oppression, Technologies of Resistance”
2023Turku, Finland“The Violence of Law”
2022Torino, It“Dynamics of harm and social control in the transformation of capitalism” (50th Annual Conf.)
2021Cancelled due to covid19
2020Cancelled due to covid19
2019Barcelona, CatResisting State-Corporate Harms in times of Repression. Towards a Theory of Insurrection”
2018Ljubljana, Slovenia“Social harm in a digitalized global world: Technologies of power and normalized practices of contemporary society”
2017Mytilene, Greece“Uncovering Harms: States, Corporations and Organizations as Criminals”
2016Braga, Portugal“Economic Crisis and Crime: From Global North to Global South”
2015Tallinn, Estonia“Social divisions, surveillance and the security state”
2014Liverpool, England“Resisting the demonisation of ‘the Other’: State, nationalism and social control in a time of crisis”
2013Oslo, Norway“Critical Criminology in a Changing World: Tradition and Innovation”
2012Nicosia, Cyprus“‘Beyond the Wire’: Regulating Division, Conflict and Resistance”
2011Chambéry, France“No borders? Exclusion, Justice and the Politics of Fear” 
2010Lesvos, Greece “The Politics of Criminology”
2009Preston, England“‘Crime’, Justice, and Control: The Challenge of Recession” 
2008Padova,Italy “Conflict, Penal Policies and Prison Systems” 
2007Utrecht, Netherlands”Exploring Relations of Power” 
2006Corinth, Greece“The Regulation of Migration, Asylum and Movement in the ’New Europe’”
2005Belfast, Northern Ireland“Crime, Justice and Transition” 
2004Bristol, England “Critical Perspectives on the Discipline of Criminology and International Criminal Justice Policies”
2003Helsinki, Finland“Critical Perspectives on Crime Prevention” 
2002Krakow, Poland “Social Control and Violence: Breaking the Cycle”
2001Venice, Italy “The Ambivalence of Conflicts and Social Change”
2000Nyneshamn, Sweden“Punishment Enough?” 
1999Palanga, Lithuania“Criminal Injustices and the Production of Harm”
1998Spetses, Greece “Controlling the Movement of People: Critical Perspectives on Practices, Policies and Consequences”
1997Kazimierz Dolny, Poland“Europe in Transition: Past Trends and Future Perspectives” 
1996Bangor, Wales “State Crime and Human Rights” 
1995Crossmaglen, Northern Ireland“Confronting Control: Theories and Practices of Resistance” 
1994Komitini, Greece“The Use and Abuse of Power: Beyond Control” 
1993Prague, Czech Republic“Control as Enterprise: East and West” 
1992Padova, Italy “Citizenship, Human Rights, And Minorities: Rethinking Social Control in the New Europe”
1991Potsdam, Germany“Social Justice and European Transformations: Processes of Marginalisation and Integration. Changes in Social Policies”
1990Haarlem, Netherlands“Criminal Justice in a European Legal Order: Migration and Penal Reform”
1989Ormskirk, England“Beyond Domination” 
1988Synnseter fjellstue, Norway“Gender, Sexuality and Social Control” 
1987Vienna, Austria“Justice and Ideology: Definitions and Strategies for the 1990s” 
1986Madrid, Spain“Civil Rights, Public Opinion and the State” 
1985Hamburg, Germany“The Expansion of European Prison Systems”
1984Cardiff, Wales“The State of Information in 1984: Social Conflict, Social Control and the New Technology”
1983Hyytiälä, Finland“Social Movements, the State and Problems of Action” 
1982Bologna, Italy “Youth and the Economic Crisis: New Forms of Social Control and Counter Strategies”
1981Derry, N. Ireland“Securing the State: The Politics of Internal Security in Europe”
1980Leuven, Belgium“State Control on Information in the Field of Deviance and Social Control – Resource, Analysis, Counter Strategies”
1979Copenhagen, Denmark“Deviance and Discipline” 
1978Bremen, FRG“Law and Order: Terrorism and state violence”
1977Barcelona, Spain“The State and Social Control” 
1976Vienna, Austria“Economic Change and Legal Control” 
1975Amsterdam, Netherlands“Crimes of the Powerful” 
1974Colchester, England“The Development of Social Control and Possible Alternatives” 
1973Florence, Italy“Social Control in Europe: Scope and Prospects for a Radical Criminology”