The 52nd conference of the European Group for the Study of Deviance and Social Control will take place on August 27–29, 2024 in Vilnius, Lithuania.

We’re exited to share the programme! Please note that there might still be slight changes and updates.

Travel tips and accomodation

Getting to know Vilnius

The GoVilnius website contains exhaustive lists of further places to visit, as well as food and activity recommendations.

Conference theme

The overarching focus of this year’s annual conference is technologically facilitated deviance and new forms of social control. From human interactions in everyday life to automated policy, technology has hundreds of facets to be observed, interpreted, and discussed. While it is a truism that states and corporations use new technologies as a means of social control, the ways in which it happens are far from straightforward. Technology is also inherent in the shaping and negotiation of new norms, defining which transgressions are possible, and how they are carried out. Technology offers the opportunity for subversion and engagement, and understanding how it works sometimes makes the difference between empowerment and oppression. And prevailing techno-optimistic and techno-pessimistic discourses deserve critique for diverting attention from the actual problems at hand.

Therefore, we invite you to explore the intersections between deviance, technology, media, surveillance, justice, economy, human bodies, and the environment.

Some examples of themes that may be covered by papers, round-table discussions, book presentations, workshops, or performances:

  • use of technology in and by systems of justice, policing, and punishment;
  • capital and the technologies of war;
  • power differentials ingrained in technologies;
  • social harms of technological solutions;
  • migration, digital and biotechnological colonialism and resistance to it;
  • technological empowerment of dissent and activism;
  • the impact of technology on bodies, genders, sexualities, and biological worldviews;
  • theorising technology in studies of deviance and social control;
  • technologies in critical pedagogy.

The list is far from exhaustive. We hope that these directions will find resonance no matter what specific area of research you are working in.

The conference will also have a section paying tribute to the life and work of the Vincenzo Ruggiero, active member of the EG for many years, who passed away this January.

Registration for the conference has now closed. For exceptional cases, please contact the organisers first at , and then fill the registration form here.

Everyone is invited. There will be surprises.

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The conference is organised by the Lithuanian Association of Criminologists and the Department of Criminology, Faculty of Philosophy, Vilnius University.

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