In the European Group March newsletter Vincenzo Ruggiero takes us through a history of crimes without criminals, the disappearance of offenders from the financial sphere, concluding with its structural ties to free market and the state. In the newsletter you will also find an article by David Scott discussing the secrecy surrounding the planned mega prisons in the UK. Scott calls for investigative journalists and whistle-blowers to provide the public with information about the planned prisons due to the harmfulness of building new prisons, and concludes that a fruitful method to decrease suffering is to reduce the prison population rather than the planned increases.  

The European Group is planning to mobilize support against such prison expansionist polices across Europe and needs your help. Please see page 9 in the newsletter for a request for volunteers that are able to translate moratoriums on prison building across Europe.  

We would like to remind you about the deadline for call for papers for the European Group annual conference in Lesbos. The deadline is 30 April. See more information about the conference at page 10 in the newsletter. Please be aware that some details have been changed and added in the call. 

The latest newsletter can be downloaded here.