Historical, philosophical and artistic approaches on the study of deviance and social control

This European Working Groupprovides a network and database for teachers, researchers, students, artists and activists across and beyond Europe who have an interest studying and confronting deviance and social controlin their various forms.

The working group will provide an opportunity to share knowledge and help establish new links with activists, artists and academics who critically engage with the current forms, extent and nature of crimes and harms. The working group will provide an opportunity to connect local campaigns with a wider network through which we can collectively provide solidarity and support.The working group also aims to foster a greater understanding of criminal and harmful activities; offer possibilities for collaborative research; and work towards emancipatory change. The working group’s objective is to develop and strengthen comparative historical, philosophical and artistic research on crime and social control and criminological studies that analyze contemporary phenomena through historical, philosophical and artisticperspectives, working always towards social justice, state accountability and decarceration, promoting critical analysis and connecting theory, politics and activism.

The Group aims to provide a forum for the free exchange of ideas which is at the same time a space free of sexist, racist or class-based prejudices, either in the form of words or actions. The working group will meet every year at the annual conference of the European Group for the Study of Deviance and Social Control and members are encouraged to organize other events, meetings and conferences throughout the calendar year to help generate ideas, networks and direct interventions. Such events may be full meetings for the whole working group or specially convened meetings of local activists in one given region / nation. A separate mailing list will be maintained and other European Group media sources, such as facebook, youtube, twitter and crim-space, will be used to disseminate information about the working group and its activities.

The working group coordinator will be elected at the European Group annual conference and full details of the membership of the working group will be detailed on our website.

Working Group Coordinators: Stratos Georgoulas, John Moore