Dear comrades and colleagues of the European Group

Welcome to the final newsletter before our usual break over the summer period. We have had fantastic, critical contributions this year, and received a lot of responses from EG members touched by the reflections from Karl Schumann in the last letter, and especially to
see such well preserved pictures of some of the first documents (and, of course, a great picture of founders).
This put us in mind of sharing more stories around the European Group, to keep building momentum going forward whilst thinking back to foundations (and thanks to Paddy Hillyard for the great suggestion!). As such, at the conference this year we will hold an informal, open session to mark the 50th conference where we will have a chance to tell stories, share memories and learn from colleagues on earlier conferences, friendships, and everything in between. More information will be available as the schedule develops, but we thought this would be a great way to commemorate and record thoughts and memories this time in advance of the 50th Group anniversary next year.

The big news of this edition is of course the chance to celebrate the re-launch of the EG’s journal Justice, Power and Resistance, which has a fantastic line up of speakers and will be with you online on the 14th June. All details for joining are below, so do please sign up – as
you will see, there is free access to the first edition for a while so feel free to share and read. Amazing work, and so thanks to the editors, editorial board, colleagues at Policy Press and organisers/speakers for making this all come together.

Again, we are thankful to our colleagues working in and with the Torino organisation committee, and the stream coordinators for all their efforts in collating abstracts. We’ve been contacted by many members and some new friends to say how much they are looking forward to the conference – we very much share this enthusiasm, and can’t wait to see everyone who is attending this year.

Take care all – in solidarity,
Vicky, Dani and Katja