The Howard Journal of Crime and Justice Special Issue: ‘Critical Criminology for the 21st Century’ Edited by Valeria Vegh Weis includes a range of articles and perspective regarding Critical Criminology in the 21st Century.  When introducing the special issue Valeria Vegh Weis states that: “We are amid a global pandemic; poverty is rising and the powerful are getting richer through mechanisms that exploit, oppress, and deprive others. Meanwhile, mainstream criminology remains oblivious to this dreadful situation and sticks to micro-studies on regression analysis, street crime desistance and prison control. Before the world collapses, shall we revisit critical criminology (CC) to call attention to structural violences and injustices? How should CC look in the 21st century?”. 

The Special Issue proceeds with contributions from: Vincenzo Ruggiero; Ragnhild Sollund; Sarah Pedigo Kulzer, Brian Pitman, and Stephen T. Young; Katja Simoncic; Victoria E. Collins; Kenneth Sebastian Leon; Sarah Tosh; and Salo de Carvalho and Lucas Vianna Matos. Further information regarding articles included in the special issue can be found here and the introduction to the Special Issue is openly accessible here