In his book Critical Criminology Today, Professor Vincenzo Ruggiero considers the current character of critical criminology fifty years on from the radical theories and values applied to crime and its control which initiated and developed critical criminology in the 1970s. Through a series of counter-hegemonic essays, this book explores: ‘For a sociology of power’, ‘For a sociology of counter-power’, ‘Woman as colony’, ‘Political violence and behavioural economics’, ‘State-corporate terrorism’, ‘Pandemics, desire and melancholy’, ‘Hypotheses on the causes of financial crime’, ‘There is money in death’, ‘Civil war or transnational crime?’, ‘Convicts, crime and evil’, and ‘Crime, punishment and utopia’. Within each essay, presented as a chapter, this book reflects on the connections between critical criminology, social justice, and activism. Overall, this book puts forth that reimagining critical criminology is possible if new concepts, more closely connecting academic work and social movements, are developed