EG News & Plans – Coordinator Team [p.3]

I. EG Annual General Meeting 28 April 2021[p.4]

II. Greece’s Right-Wing Government is Massively Expanding Police Powers – G. Papanicolau & G.S. Rigakos [p.5]

III. Military Coup in Myanmar – Liv S. Gaborit [p.10]

IV. A Story of ViolenceRuymán Rodríguez (Anarchist Federation of Canary Islands) [p.12]

V. Open Letter on Asylum in Britain – Collective statement by UK scholars [p.16]

VI. The Origins of Radical criminology Vol. II – Stratos Geogoulas [p. 18]

VII. Book launch: From Social Harm to Zemology – Harm and Evidence Research Collaborative [p. 19]

VIII. Imagining Abolition: Beyond Prisons, Wars and Borders – A Virtual Gathering, April 14-17 [p.20]

IX. Violence and Gangs in the Brazilian prison System – Nottingham, April 15 [p.21]

X. Thinking about White Collar Crime: theory, practice and policy – Porto, April-14 [p.22]

XI. Contemporary Societies in Motion – Athens, May 27-28 [p.24]

XII. OSPDH 20th Anniversary – In memoriam Roberto Bergalli