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We hope you continue to keep well and have been able to stay OK (at the very least) as we moved into 2021. Like many of you, we are trying to balance the reality of the current political and pandemic climate and the demands of everyday life. So although we have been quiet on the newsletter front, in fact there is a lot of EG activity and energy going on in the background!

The first thing of note is that – due to the ongoing nature of the pandemic – we will not be holding the conference in person in Turin this year. This seems another disappointing blow after it being such a long time since we all met in Barcelona. However, the reasons are fourfold: 1) it seems increasingly unlikely that this would-be virus-safe; 2) capacity would be significantly reduced in any case; 3) there is likely to be internationalised travel inequalities as the cost of tests to travel increases, forcing a financial inequality division and 4) to reduce unnecessary stress for EG colleagues in Turin at this time.

This brings us to good news (yes – it still exists in the world!) – we will instead run an online series of panels organised as a collective by the Working Group co-ordinators and EG Co-ordinators. As you will see on page 10, this is aimed to begin in April with the British/Irish section – hopefully in person but if this is not possible then it will form the online sessions, which will begin in September. More information will be outlined as the organising process develops. It is also fantastic to say that the EG has now moved to work in collaboration with Policy Press. As you can imagine, this has been a long process so please give a virtual round of applause/cheers/hugs/thanks to the journal editors Jon Burnett, Ida Nafstad and Lisa White on working through the new Double Issue which will also launch in September. It looks FANTASTIC.

This month’s edition is packed with more information on forthcoming meetings, books and seminars; good news from Iñaki Rivera and the excellent news that EG colleagues in Finland have secured a project focussed on ‘silent agents’. Many congratulations.

We know these are tough times for all, and in particular as news from Myanmar unravels it is likely those in the group from or working with colleagues there will have further considerations – hopes that violence doesn’t escalate further, and solidarity with those targeted or affected.

Take care all – in solidarity,

Vicky, Dani and Katja