Dear comrades and colleagues of the European Group
We are very pleased to bring you the February edition of the newsletter. In particular, we are delighted to announce the call for papers for the 48th Annual Conference of the European Group which will be held in Torino/Turin, Italy, 2-5th September. More details will follow in the following weeks and months, but the key date to note is the deadline of 30th April 2020 for submission of abstracts to the relevant conference stream. Many thanks to the fantastic conference team on bringing this call together and to the working group coordinators for their input also. We are sure you agree there will be much scope for critical and exciting discussions.
Alongside various announcements, we have an important update on the ongoing repressive situation in Catalonia, and specifically an update on the EG’s long standing member and friend Iñaki Rivera. Thanks to Steve Tombs and David Whyte for this, which also includes free access to Dani’s book Market-State Prison under Spanish Neoliberalism. You are welcome to share the book with colleagues and friends, as it is completely open access.
As 2020 moves along, we are already seeing some significant changes, notably that the UK has exited the European Union. We are ensuring this will cause minimal disruption to the functioning of the Group and instead encourage further cross-border cultivation and solidarity building. There will be more opportunity to reflect on these changing times at the forthcoming British/Irish conference in Nottingham – please see below for the final call.
In solidarity
Vicky, Katja and Dani